Acai Exotic Logo.png
  • Acai Exotic is a certified organic Acai, hand-picked in the Amazon of Brazil from wild Acai palm trees. Once the highest quality Acai berries are selected, they are harvested and brought to the production facility, processed and flash frozen, all within 8 hours to optimize the flavour and nutrient value of the fruit.

  • Acai Exotic is available in two flavours; Pure Acai and Acai with Guarana. Pure Acai is sugar free with only 86 calories. Guarana is also an all natural superfruit and when mixed with Acai, it results in a sweeter taste due to the natural sugars of the Guarana. With 128 calories it also offers an energy boost. By adding granola and some of your favourite fruit you are able to customize Acai to your own taste.

  • Available in both retail packaging as shown (case of 15x400g bags) and food service (case of 60x100g packets). 

  • Attractive retail packaging looks great in any freezer with eye-catching logos and colour.

  • Food service case of 60 individual packets is convenient for juice bars or restaurants. Food service cases also allow for mix and match retail sales, as each packet has labelling.

  • Sold by the case.

Forno de Minas logo.png
  • Forno de Minas - Pao de Queijo (Cheese Rolls). A delicious snack, anytime of the day... Gluten Free, 0g Trans Fat and all natural; cheese rolls have been eaten as a snack in Brazil for hundreds of years and became commercially popular in the '50's. Forno de Minas is widely recognized as the most popular brand of the snack and offers it in 240g, 400g, 500g and 1 kilogram packages.

  • Ideal for catering companies and cafes that require affordable, quick appetizers, but works just as well as part of an entree or dessert...

  • A healthy snack at home or in a child's lunch, the pre-baked can be prepared in not much more time than it takes to prepare popcorn.

  • Sold by the case. 

Fruta Mil logo.png
  • All natural, fruit pulp. A healthy snack, bursting with flavour. Abacaxi Com Hortela (Pineapple-Mint), Acerola (Barbados Cherry), Caju (Cashew) and Manga (Mango) flavours.

  • Attractive packaging for retail but also ideal for food service.

  • Flavours come in boxes of 4x100g packets, but can be opened up and sold in the freezer by the packet, allowing customers to mix and match.

  • Sold by the case.