We've designed our trailer to be "off grid". Powered by solar and propane, we have a low carbon footprint. In addition to that, we make no noise...

No noise...no gas...no exhaust.

Offering foods that promote a healthy lifestyle and doing it in a way that's easier on the environment, from power to packaging, go hand in hand. In addition to our wholesale business, our trailer allows us to sell the same products on the street that we sell to our retailers. 

Our goal with this trailer is to support outdoor adventure sports in BC. It's been designed with off road suspension and tires and we're not afraid to use them. Pulled with our Jeep Wrangler JK, we can get pretty much anywhere an event is held and support organizers who have their events off the "beaten path". 

Between events, we operate daily as a traditional food truck in the Okanagan and can also cater private functions such as weddings and corporate team building seminars.

Our authentic açai bowls are served the traditional way. No fillers, juices or fruits beyond what's traditionally used. Our all natural fruit smoothies are just that, all natural... and delicious.